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Local Information > Operational Restrictions
Operational Restrictions

Road Limitation

  • Maximum legal weight for both 20ft & 40ft containers in:-

State of Queensland - 24t including tare
State of New South Wales - 26.5t including tare
State of Victoria - 26t including tare
State of South Australia 24t including tare
State of Tasmania - 24t per 20' / 30t per 40' including tare
State of Western Australia - 24t per 20' / 26t per 40' including tare

  • Higher limits are possible in case lightweight chassis / truck is utilised and/or a special permit is obtained.
  • Maximum height is 4.3 metres from the ground to the highest point. (This includes the height of the trailer which is generally 0.7 metres.)

Vehicles over 4.3 metres high are restricted to approved routes because of vertical clearance restrictions on some roads. A maximum of 4.6 metres high applies on approved roads.

  • Maximum width is 2.5 metres. Any oversized loads are restricted to approved routes. Without a special permit, 6 inches either side of the trailer is allowed to be transported.

    Applications for special permits for loads exceeding these limits are generally made through the RTA (Road Traffic Authority).

For further inquiries please contact Phillip Zappala.


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