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About OOCL > Company Profile > Container Terminals > Container Terminals and Equipment
Company Profile
​Container Terminals

A strategic network of terminals complements OOCL's vessel, office and intermodal operations. Our affiliate companies operate dedicated terminals in North America and Asia, namely the Long Beach Container Terminal, LLC., in California, USA, and Kaohsiung Container Terminal, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 

Long Beach Container Terminal, LLC. (LBCT LLC)

Long Beach Container Terminal in California, currently 98.8-acre, is to be expanded into a 304 acre, three-berth container terminal facility operated under a long-term preferential use agreement from the Port of Long Beach.

On Pier F: LBCT LLC has one container vessel berth; seven post-Panamax quayside container gantry cranes; 12 rubber-tired gantry cranes; five side picks; 12 rubber-tired gantry cranes; 75 yard tractors; 11 top handlers; 12 utility forklifts; 56 yard chassis; various pick-up trucks and other vehicles and handling equipment.

On Pier E: LBCT LLC has two container-vessel berths; seven ship-to-shore gantry crances; 36 automated stacking cranes; two rail yard cranes; 75 bombcarts; one reach stacker; one combi-lift straddle carrier; 40 yard tractors; four heavy lifts; one fuel truck; 56 pickup trucks; one tour bus; two shuttle buses and two telehandlers.

For more information on Long Beach Container Terminal, please click here.

Kaohsiung Container Terminal (KAOCT)

Kaohsiung Container Terminal in Taiwan forms an integral part of OOCL's international containerized transportation business. As one of the original container facilities in the Kaohsiung Harbour, the KAOCT has deep-water berths of 14.5 meters and the entire facility has been modernized since 2002 and upgraded in 2012 with the ability to handle two 10,000-TEU vessels at the same time.

Two container-vessel berths (760 meters long) on a total of approximately 63.6 acres operating 24-hour, 7-days a week basis for vessel and gate activities: Seven Post-Panamax quay cranes including four with 19 rows and one with 23 rows of twin 20 ft lifting capacity; 20 rail-mounted gantry cranes; five empty stackers and various shipside handling equipment.

For more information on Kaohsiung Container Terminal, please click here.