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About OOCL > Corporate Messages > 2009 > OOCL to launch My OOCL Center - helping you lower your business costs
Corporate Messages
February 28, 2009

OOCL launches My OOCL Center - helping you lower your business costs

Today’s difficult economic environment means that doing business is tougher than ever.  OOCL realizes that buyers and suppliers have to lower their costs, react quickly to market changes and operate a high-speed supply chain in order to meet the formidable challenges.

The business of container transportation is very complex, and a deep level of close cooperation is needed between multiple parties at many stages of a shipment. Information exchange between all parties is necessary for better cost efficiency.

With this in mind, OOCL has launched a new online interactive product, My OOCL Center. This product will help you to become more cost competitive through:

- Lower costs – eliminate repeated telephone calls, emails, faxes, filing and courier expenses
- Save time for your staff – streamline operating procedures, eliminate time wasted in document searches
- Total transparency – access to real-time information, ensuring accurate communication and reduced errors – both for you and your business partners
- Maximum control - focusing on flexibility, choice, and user-friendliness
- No surprises – proactive reminders on outstanding tasks, a clear audit trail and all transactions are kept on record.

My OOCL Center is available on oocl.com from March 9, 2009.

This is just the beginning of the opening of a “window” into our system, which we will continue to develop and add new products according to your needs in the future. Initial new features will include the following:

Service Request
Whether it is placing a booking, changing shipment information, or placing service requests for your shipments at any time, you’re in maximum control. This function will enable a transparent two-way communication of your request and the subsequent actions; proactive alerting mechanisms give you end-to-end visibility and a clear audit trail.

Shipment Folder
All OOCL provided documents related to your shipment will be available in one online place for easy retrieval and record-keeping. Add your own commercial documents to this folder, and share full visibility with your colleagues or partners.

Automated “to-do” list
You will be proactively updated and reminded about any “things-to-do” or tasks related to your shipment, without the need to keep reminders and manual check lists.

In addition to these new features, all key existing CargoSmart functions will be continued in My OOCL Center, including Sailing Schedule, Booking, Shipping Instruction, B/L Print, Arrival Notice, Invoices and Payment, Rates of Exchange, Cargo Tracking, and Reporting.

OOCL customers can register free of charge at http://www.oocl.com/ , while existing OOCL CargoSmart customers can simply use their CargoSmart login and password at http://www.oocl.com/ to use this enhanced service for OOCL shipments.

Click on the link below to view an introduction of the product.

Please contact your local OOCL customer service representative for more details.


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