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Working at OOCL

As a global company, we offer exceptional career and development opportunities with attractive remuneration for candidates in different roles in our container transport and logistics businesses in our corporate offices and regional subsidiaries in Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Our people in the corporate offices support the regions for business development and service fulfillment through service design, product development, as well as operations and logistics management. In addition, the corporate functions of Financial Control, Human Resources and Information Services provide an overall infrastructure for the OOCL Group worldwide in terms of directions, policies, guidelines, processes and tools.

Our people in the regions play a vital role in business development and quality service fulfillment to our customers. Embracing our core value - Customer Focus and the "Take It Personally" spirit, they understand our customers’ requirements and proactively provide service solutions to achieve customer satisfaction and maximize business performance.

Key Functions

Trade Management

  • contributes to the service design, pricing, traffic or yield management; and support regions in maximizing the profitability of respective Trades.


  • plays a crucial role in the regions to develop business and maximize the performance of our container transport and logistics business by understanding the needs of our customers in different segments and by offering service solutions to ensure customers’ requirements are met.

Customer Services

  • acts as our customers' ambassadors to ensure quality service in documentation and to meet customers’ requirements.


  • in corporate offices or centralized centers - contributes to either one of the following areas to ensure service quality and maximize operating efficiency:
    • design of service network in collaboration with Trade Management and consortium partners, if any;
    • procurement of infrastructure and facilities for strategic competitiveness;
    • procurement of equipment and management of equipment flow to minimize equipment imbalance and repositioning cost;
    • design and optimization of landside operations, including but not limited to, trucking, depots and terminals;
    • marine operations for stowage and scheduling of our vessels.
  • in the regions - involves the design and planning of infrastructure and network; supplier management and optimization of equipment flow within the region for quality service fulfillment and operating efficiency.

Fleet Management

  • optimizes the performance of our vessels in terms of safety, quality and cost efficiency; and ensures quality human resources are deployed to support vessel operations.
  • Our Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer and other crew members form the integral part of the professional team onboard our vessels and are responsible for managing operations to ensure safety and service integrity of our container transport service.

Information Services

  • develops an unparalleled enterprise-scale business applications for both our customers and the industry.
  • we have made substantial investment in our global IT infrastructure and development resources. We have development centers in Hong Kong, the United States (San Jose), the Philippines (Manila) and China (Shanghai and Zhuhai).

Human Resources 

  • in the corporate offices - contributes to building up a knowledge and learning organization to support continual organization growth, development of a desired people environment that facilitates regions to attract, recruit, motivate and retain quality employees and the formulation of people management strategies for the OOCL Group.
  • in the regions - assists the regional management team to ensure deployment and development of a high performing team to support business requirements and employees’ career development.

Financial Control

  • in the corporate offices - supports OOCL and the regions in ensuring statutory compliance, providing information to the management for decision-making, cash flow management and risk management.
  • in the regions - assists in maximizing the performance of the regions in terms of receivables collection and statutory compliance in a quality and timely manner. 

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