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​Professional Development

Our people’s success is OOCL’s success

At OOCL, we encourage openness and innovation in our work environment. To groom our people in support of both our business growth and their professional development, we provide them with extensive opportunities to realize their potential through both job assignments and various training and development programs.

A Learning Environment

Working in the OOCL Group, you will be nurtured and given numerous learning and development opportunities. Advocating that our employees take the initiative to learn, we endeavor to provide an environment to support people development, be it through job rotation or assignments whereby employees can learn on the job.

Training and Development Programs

In addition, at key times, our employees are also provided with various management and functional training programs, aimed at further enhancing their competencies to better serve our customers and contribute to the growth of OOCL.

We run an IEDP (International Executive Development Program) for our executives worldwide, in addition to various development programs such as management education programs in leading universities around the world.

We also offer Graduate Development Programs in the Hong Kong headquarters to fresh undergraduates with Bachelor's degrees from leading universities who have good academic results, as well as fast track development opportunities for employees with potential.       

Job Opportunities

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* Local terms and conditions apply to any positions offered.