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About OOCL > Our Philosophy > Community Responsibility
Our Philosophy
​Community Responsibility  

Aware that our communities contribute to our success, OOCL embraces Community Responsibility as one of our core values.

We maintain high safety standards and demonstrate our concern for the environment.

We embrace an ethically-sound code of conduct.

We understand that our communities contribute to our success and we focus our community efforts on education for young people.

OOCL and The Tung Foundation spend over a US$1 million per year on educational scholarships for students in China and Hong Kong and for the children of employees globally. The foundation has also been a generous supporter of the Zhoushan Navigational School in China for many years, and is an active participant in Partnerships in Education, a forum that promotes co-operation between business and education in the USA.

Assistance in the form of free transportation is regularly given to a number of charitable projects: OOCL has assisted Project Hope by transporting 40’ containers of the latest medical diagnostic equipment from the USA to Shanghai.

Other beneficiaries of charitable donations made by OOCL and its employees include cancer, diabetes and leukemia funds in Hong Kong, Australia, Europe and the USA; children’s homes in Hong Kong and France; food banks in the USA and countless others.

OOCL also supports arts & leisure industries and regularly assists with providing transport and logistics solutions to large international theater productions and sailing competitions.