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Our Philosophy

​Customer Focus  

OOCL prides itself on its focus on the customer – our partner. We believe in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and create value through collaboration to enhance customer competitiveness.

We see things from the customer’s perspective – understanding their business and anticipating their requirements. We are proactive in meeting their expectations and respond with a sense of urgency.

We Take It Personally for our customers – going beyond normal job responsibilities to serve our customers both internally and externally.

As an innovative international container transport and logistics service provider, OOCL recognizes that superior value-added service is a critical factor in the customer’s choice of carrier; the numerous accolades we have received from the industry speak louder than words. We provide the solutions to your global transport and logistics problems.

OOCL has some of the fastest and most reliable transit times in the industry. For us, no job is too small, or too big, and many of our customers are leaders in their respective industries and countries.

Each year we recognize hundreds of employees around the world for displaying initiative and going beyond the call of duty to meet all the customer’s needs. Our network and experience in China has led to our reputation as a China specialist and has translated into being able to provide customer solutions when no one else could. We are an industry leader in the use of IT and continually invest in new equipment.

All of this combines to form a powerful partnership unmatched by our competitors.