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Our Philosophy

People People People

As a successful corporation OOCL understands that its continued success and growth depends upon the skills, dedication and teamwork of its employees. People are our greatest asset and this is why People, People, People is the first core value.

We respect our people – treating them with fairness & dignity and communicating frankly and openly with each other. This organizational structure encourages communication and empowers employees to achieve a high performance standard.

We invest in our people – seeing them as our greatest asset. We care about people’s aspirations and create an environment for them to perform and realize their full potential.

We recognize the efforts and achievements of our people – rewarding and celebrating accomplishment. We value total dedication and teamwork and actively address mediocrity.

The Human Resources department plays a key role in the development of our people, with training and development that is innovative and extensive, permeating every level. Broadening existing skills and learning new ones is encouraged and educational programs and courses, both job-related and business-related, are subsidized by the company.

OOCL is people-oriented and we aim to provide opportunities both for professional growth and for adding value to the business, in an environment of the highest business ethics, integrity and respect for individuals. OOCL is an equal opportunities employer and values both cultural and intellectual diversity.