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About OOCL > Security > Our Commitment to Security
Our Commitment to Security

The specter of terrorism and international concerns about transportation and port security has dramatically changed the face of international trade and transportation. In a world of increasingly-complex security requirements, documentation standards and safety measures, it is vital that customers choose their transportation and supply chain partners with care.

OOCL is committed to the constant vigilance and diligent care required to prevent the threats to security which are associated with transport operations. Security measures, plans and standards are in place and audited at every level of our organization, and we take every precaution to provide the highest levels of security for our customers and our employees.

From the office floor to our ports, warehouses, shore facilities and onboard our vessels, OOCL works with the responsible authorities to ensure that every measure is in place to maintain the highest commercial and operational security standards possible at all times, while all staff are educated and regularly updated on security training.