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SSE Policy

​OOCL's Safety, Security and Environment (SSE) Policy 

OOCL goes the extra mile to make safety and security a top priority in our business operations, onshore and at sea, including people, cargo, ships and facilities. We maintain the highest safety and security standards and recognise that businesses must take responsibility for their industry’s effects on the environment so OOCL proactively demonstrates our concern for the environment at every level of our organisation.

OOCL commits to:

  • Apply industry best practices, and go above and beyond compliance with relevant rules and regulations on Safety *, Security ** and Environment ***
  • Establish and improve safety, security and environment objectives and targets
  • Proactively promote an Onboard Safety Culture and engage in the highest levels of training
  • Participate fully in the prevention and suppression of security threats against supply chain operations under our control and carry out risk assessment on a continuous basis
  • Use resources **** efficiently and apply innovative voluntary measures to minimise the impacts on the environment and natural resources
  • Regularly communicate our SSE Policy to all staff and business partners throughout the supply chain
  • Continually re-assess and upgrade our SSE commitments
  • Serve our stakeholders by assessing their needs and providing information
  • Take every precaution to avoid any health and safety risks in business activities and services to employees, business partners and communities

OOCL evaluates opportunities for working with responsible business partners to achieve our sustainable procurement objectives at every level of the supply chain. We also strive to ensure that our commercial relationships are formed with partners that share our values on safety, security and environmental care and sustainable business practices.

*: ‘Safety’ includes but is not limited to the providing of a safe working environment to protect employees from occupational hazards.
**: ‘Security’ includes but is not limited to the preventive measures to ensure security onshore and onboard, as well as cyber security.
***: ‘Environment’ includes but is not limited to air and greenhouse gas emissions, discharges into water and land, and generation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
****: ‘Resources’ includes but are not limited to energy, water and other raw materials.

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