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Online Security

Online Security at OOCL.COM

Frequently Seen Fraud Cases

  • The Con: You receive an email to offer you a job that can earn you an attractive commission and no special knowledge is required. All you need to do is to supply your information to the company.
  • What Happens: By responding to this email, you're told to provide your personal details, social security & bank account numbers. You would also discover that someone would use your identity or start unauthorized activities.
  • Best Defense : Never give out any confidential information over the phone or through email unless you're certain of the other party's identity. If there is an offer for you to make some easy money without any action on your part, you should be suspicious about it. Take steps to verify the details given to you by the third parties and never give your bank details to anyone unless you know and trust them.


  • The Con: You are asked to share your log-on id and password for system maintenance
  • What Happens: By responding to this, you lose your system information and allow others to do transactions in your name but out of your control.
  • Best Defense : Never share your system password with others. 


  • The Con: You receive a quote through e-mail without any context
  • What Happens: By responding to this you will disclose your company information, content, quantity and declared value of your cargo and shipment details to unauthorized parties.
  • Best Defense : Contact OOCL sales or customer service to confirm any offers that you feel may be interesting.


If you receive email or encounter websites purportedly from OOCL that are suspicious, please contact webadmin@oocl.com

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