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Our Services > e-Services > My OOCL Center > Arrival Notice

​Arrival Notice

My OOCL Center Arrival Notice / Advice Note (A/N) provides centralized and automated access to your arrival notices and lets you configure and customize your document distribution plans.  Arrival notices are uploaded by OOCL to your account and can be searched and filtered by key details including shipment and reference numbers, vessel information,  and estimated arrival time.  Using My OOCL Center’s powerful documentation sharing tools you can also provide access to arrival notice documents to your customs brokers, truckers, warehouses, and other associates to improve your transportation and inventory processes.

Business Benefits

  • Process payments and arrange for customs clearance earlier in your shipment cycle
  • Improve document distribution to your associates through automated and filtered sharing tools

Key Features

  • Receive arrival notices by e-mail – in one batch per day or as the documents are uploaded by OOCL
  • Search for arrival notices by B/L number, container number, reference number, vessel name, voyage, port of discharge, or ETA                                                                        
  • Print arrival notices in batch  
  • Share access to arrival notices with associates who are not parties on the B/L including customs brokers, truckers, warehouses, and customers
  • Filter users’ or associates’ access to documents by party, origin-destination, cargo type, and traffic mode.
  • Search the History Log toview related details and activity including the B/L number, action date, printed/received by information, if an arrival notice was sent by e-mail, and if it was viewed or printed


Getting Started (for Administrator)

Please sign-in or register My OOCL Center.
1. From the Documentation menu option in My OOCL Center, select Arrival Notice / Advice Note and select Sign-up for A/N Print.
2. Submit the request.
3. Once approved by OOCL, update the appropriate user profiles to allow users to view and print arrival notices.
4. Under User Profiles in the Administration menu option, you can also subscribe users to receive arrival notices by e-mail (either in batch or single mailings).