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Our Services > e-Services > My OOCL Center > Invoices and Payment

​Invoices and Payment

My OOCL Center Invoices and Payment provides centralized visibility to your invoices and tools to improve your payment process with OOCL.  You can search for invoice details, view OOCL charges, and print invoices that have been uploaded to your account.  Payment Instructions lets you communicate to OOCL how you intend to make a payment on selected invoices.  OOCL processes your checks or electronic transfers against invoices indicated in your instructions, reducing the need for follow-up calls and e-mails. 

Business Benefits                        

  • View OOCL invoice online.
  • Improve internal record keeping
  • Reduce manual work and minimize errors when gathering and calculating invoices
  • View current charges to find out when you can pay so that you can expedite your cargo release
  • Save time by using one reference number, instead of multiple B/L numbers, on a check stub to indicate which invoices to pay  

Key Features                                                
Invoice Details                     

  • Find invoices – search by invoice number, B/L number, vessel name, company, invoice status, and due date range
  • View invoice details – audit your freight, accessorial, detention, and demurrage charges 
  • Print invoices – upload to your account instead of being mailed to your office
  • Request changes and additional prints
  • View invoice payment and print history 
  • Share visibility of your invoice details with associate companies through Relationship Manager

Payment Instructions

  • Group your invoices by vessel voyage and due date range to view the calculated total 
  • Receive a reference number for your payment instructions that you may refer to on your checks instead of multiple B/L numbers
  • Print copies of payment instructions for your records
  • Share payment instructions with your accounting department or broker to process payments with OOCL


Getting Started

Please sign-in or register My OOCL Center.

To search for invoice details (after your company administrator has granted you access to Invoices and Payment):

  1. From My OOCL Center, select Invoices and Payment, and then select Invoice View and Print.
  2. Enter the appropriate search criteria and click Find Invoice.

To create payment instructions:

  1. Select invoices from the result list that you would like to include in your payment instructions.
  2. Click Create Payment Instructions, enter your remarks, and click Submit Payment Instructions.

To sign up to print invoices:

  1. From My OOCL Center, select Invoices and Payment, and then Sign-up for Invoice Print.
  2. Follow the instructions included to request invoice printing.