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Our Services > e-Services > My OOCL Center > Milestone Notifications and Exception Alerts

​Milestone Notifications and Exception Alerts

My OOCL Center lets you subscribe to event-driven e-mail notifications to inform you when shipment activities occur. My OOCL Center offers Milestone Notifications related to documentation, booking, and container status that help you save time and money by delivering the information you need to minimize calls to carriers, ensure fast pickups, and minimize your demurrage charges.  Shipment Exception Alerts are automatically generated e-mails that notify you when major changes to your shipment plans occur so that you can initiate work-around plans to ensure that your shipment process runs smoothly. You can select to receive information about changes to bookings, shipments, and documentation.  You can also select to be notified up to five days in advance that your detention and demurrage free time is about to expire and when it has actually expired. 

Shipment Exception Alerts        
Booking Changes:
Status Change
Vessel Change
Routing Change
Cargo Package Quantity or Description Change
Container Quantity or Container Type Change
Container Transfer

Detention and Demurrage Expiration:
Detention Last Free Date at Origin
• will expire in (1-5) Day(s)
• has expired
Demurrage Last Free Date at Destination
• will expire in (1-5) Day(s)
• has expired
    Detention Last Free Date at Destination
• will expire in (1-5) Day(s)
• has expired

Milestone Notifications
Booking Status:
CargoSmart Internet Booking Request Processed
Booking Details Received from Carrier

Documentation and Payment Status:
Shipping Instructions Received by Carrier
B/L Freight Cleared by Carrier
Original Bill of Lading Received by Carrier
Cargo Release
Customs Status

Container Event (Cargo Related):
Container Vanned at Origin
Container Devanned at Origin
Container Vanned at Destination
Container Devanned at Destination

Documentation Changes:
Bill of Lading Deleted by Carrier

Shipment Changes:
Estimated Date of Arrival Changed at Last Port of Discharge
Container Repacked

Container Status at Origin:
Empty Container Picked Up
Full Container Received by Carrier at Origin
Departure from First Intermodal Hub
Arrival at First Port of Load
Loaded on Board at First Port of Load
Discharged at Port of Transshipment
Loaded at Port of Transshipment

Container Status at Destination:
Discharged from Vessel at Last Port of Discharge
Intermodal Departure from Last Port of Discharge
Arrival at Last Intermodal Hub
Picked up at Final Destination for Delivery
Empty Container Returned to Carrier at Destination

Getting Started

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To receive the e-mail notifications, please select your options in the E-mail Subscriptions of your profile.