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Today’s shippers manage cargo moving to and from locations all over the world.  They require up-to-date shipment information to monitor and quickly respond to changing market conditions and to keep their suppliers, distributors, and customers informed. With My OOCL Center Reports you can get quick access to consolidated shipment details and minimize the time spent searching through multiple documents.  Reports provides you with a flexible and efficient way to monitor and manage your shipment information by letting you:

  • View 15 online summary reports to see the status of B/Ls, bookings, and containers at a glance 
  • Access nine standard reports designed to fit into your specific business processes
  • Create customized reports from over 100 columns and several ordering, sorting, and filtering, options  
  • Schedule reports to receive them daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
  • Download reports as you need them
  • Share reports with other users in your organization or with other shipment parties

Business Benefits                   

  • Eliminate manual reporting procedures
  • Access consolidated shipment information quickly and efficiently
  • Save time and communication costs - proactive, filtered reports are sent directly to your shipping associates

Key Features

  • Summary reports - online reports provide at a glance shipment information
    • Filter shipments online by status, routing, and location options
  • Standard reports - current shipments are organized into specific categories for easy access
    • Receive end-to-end milestone updates
    • Check that your cargo was loaded
    • Monitor your import cargo
  • Customized reports - create your own report templates from over 100 column options
    • Monitor container volume by origin/destination
    • View shipments’ freight payment status
    • Track hot containers’ rail movements
    • Review invoice details including due dates

Getting Started

Please sign-in or register My OOCL Center.
To access My OOCL Center summary reports, select Shipment Summary View under Reporting on the menu in My OOCL Center.  To download standard reports and to create customized report templates, select Report Templates under the same menu option.