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Our Services > e-Services > My OOCL Center > Shipment Folder

​​Shipment Folder

Shipment Folder is a new function available in My OOCL Center.  It is an electronic way of storing shipment-related documents in a centralized location. Users could submit their documents to OOCL through the Shipment Folder.  At the same time, OOCL-provided documents (i.e. Bill of Lading, Invoice, Arrival Notice) could also be found in the Shipment Folder.

Business Benefits

  • A quick and easy way for uploading necessary documents to OOCL.
  • Confirmation that documents have been received by OOCL once uploaded.
  • A complete picture of all documents that are uploaded to OOCL and all documents that are provided to you by OOCL.
  • Retrieval and printing of any document at any time in the life of the shipment to best suit your internal process, eliminating the need to keep a duplicate archive of the documents.
  • Sharing any documents with your business counterpart through My OOCL Center.

Key Features

Shipment Folder Search

  • Search a specific shipment and control the Document Folder.
  • User can Add Document into the Folder

Document Summary Search

  • User can search a specific Document Name within a dedicated Vessel Voyage.
  • Batch printing of multiple documents is available.

Document Pouch

  • Single, or multiple, documents could be pouched to other users within your company.
  • Pouch can also be sent to third parties with a valid address.
  • Recipients will receive a notification and can log-in My OOCL Center to retrieve the Document Pouch.

Getting Started

Please sign-in or register My OOCL Center.
To begin using Shipment Folder, your company administrator must grant you access to Shipment Folder in your user profile.

To see a brief training video on how to get started uploading Dangerous Goods (DG) documents.