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Trans-Pacific (TPT)

Pacific China North 1 (PCN1) Pacific North West 2 (PNW2)
Pacific China Central 1 (PCC1) Pacific North West 3 (PNW3)
Pacific China Central 2 (PCC2) East Coast China 1 (ECC1)
Pacific China South 1 (PCS1) East Coast China 2 (ECC2)
Pacific Vietnam China South (PVCS) East Coast Express (ECX1)
Japan Express (JPX) South East Asia Pendulum (SEAP-US East Coast)
South East Asia Pendulum (SEAP-PSW) China East Coast Pendulum (CECP-US East Coast)
China East Coast/Canada Pendulum (CECP-PNW) Gulf Coast China 1 (GCC1)
Pacific North West 1 (PNW1) India East Coast Express (IEX)

Trans-Atlantic (TAT)

Atlantic East Coast Express (ATE1) India East Coast Express (IEX)
Atlantic Gulf Express (ATG1) Gateway Express 1 (GEX1)
Atlantic Mediterranean Express (ATM1) Gateway Express 2 (GEX2)

Asia-Europe (AET) 

Asia-North Europe Loop  1 (LL1) Asia-West Mediterranean 1 (WM1)
Asia-North Europe Loop  2 (LL2) Asia-West Mediterranean 2 (WM2)
Asia-North Europe Loop  3 (LL3) Asia-East Mediterranean and Black Sea (EM1)
Asia-North Europe Loop  4 (LL4) Asia-East Mediterranean (EM2)
Asia-North Europe Loop  5 (LL5) Asia-Adriatic Sea (AAS)
Asia-North Europe Loop  6 (LL6)

Australia / New Zealand (AUT)

Asia Australia Consortium Southern Express (A3S) South East Asia Australia Service (AAA)
Asia Australia Consortium Northern Express (A3N) South East Asia Australia Service Lane (ASA)
North East Asia Australia Express (NEAX/AEA3) New Zealand/South East Asia Express (NZS)
Asia Australia Consortium Central Express (A3C) China New Zealand Service (CNS)

Intra-Asia (IAT)

Arabian Persian Gulf (APG) Japan / Singapore Service (KTX1)
Bangkok Laem Chabang Feeder (BKK) Japan Thailand Service (KTX2)
Bangkok Laem Chabang Feeder 2(BKK2) Japan Indonesia Service (KTX3)
Belawan Feeder Service (BLW) Japan Korea Thailand Philippines Service (KTX4)
Belawan Strait Service (BSS) Japan Hong Kong Straits Service (KTX5)
Cambodia Service (CAS) Japan/ Hong Kong / South East Asia Service (KTX6)
Cambodia Service 2 (CAS2) Middle East Asia Express (MAX)
Cebu Feeder (CEF) Middle East Asia Express 2 (MAX2)
Chennai Colombo Cochin Gulf Service (CCG) Laem Chabang Singapore Feeder Service (LSF1)
China / Hochiminh / Leam Chanbang Service (CHL) North-China Taiwan Service (NTX)
China / Hochiminh / Leam Chanbang Service 2 (CHL2) Penang Singapore Service  (PEN)
China / Hochiminh / Leam Chanbang Service 3 (CHL3) Penang Singapore Service 2 (PEN2)
Singapore / Chittagong Service (CIN) Penang Singapore Service 3 (PEN3)
China India Express (CIX) Philippines Feeder (PHF)
China India Express 3 (CIX3) Hong Kong Manila Feeder Service (PHF2)
China Middle East Service (CMX) New Surabaya Shuttle (SBY)
China Pakistan Service (CPX) Singapore Indonesia Shuttle (SIS1)
Far East India Express Service (FIX) Singapore Semarang Shuttle Service (SRG)
Far East Indian Subcontinent Service (FI3) Taiwan / Hong Kong / HoChiMinh Express (THX)
Indonesia Thailand Straits Service (ITS) Vietnam Johor Service (VJS)
Haiphong Taiwan Service (HTS) Vietnam Singapore Feeder (VSF)
Haiphong Hong Kong Service (HPH2) Vietnam Singapore Feeder 1 (VSF1)
Haiphong Kaohsiung Service (HPH5) Vietnam Thailand Straits Express (VTS)
Jakarta Feeder 2 (JKT2) West Asia Express Service (WAX)
Japan Thailand Vietnam Service (JTV) Yangon Strait Shuttle Service (YSS)
Japan-Thailand Express Service (JTX) Yangon Feeder Service 5 (YGN5)

Intra-Asia Middle East & Red Sea

Asia - Middle East 1 (ME1) Asia - Middle East 5 (ME5)
Asia - Middle East 2 (ME2) Asia - Red Sea (RS1)
Asia - Middle East 3 (ME3) Asia - Red Sea (RS2)
Asia - Middle East 4 (ME4)

Intra-Europe (IET)

East Mediterranean Express (EMX) Scan Baltic Express H1 (SBH1)
Scan Baltic Express A (SBA) Scan Baltic Express H2 (SBH2)
Scan Baltic Express B (SBB) Scan Baltic Express I1 (SBI1)
Scan Baltic Express C1 (SBC1) Scan Baltic Express I2 (SBI2)
Scan Baltic Express C2 (SBC2) Scan Baltic Express J1 (SBJ1)
Scan Baltic Express D1 (SBD1) Scan Baltic Express J2 (SBJ2)
Scan Baltic Express D2 (SBD2) East Med to West Med (EUM)
Scan Baltic Express E1 (SBE1) West Med to East Med (EUM)
Scan Baltic Express E2 (SBE2) North Europe Turkey Express (NET)
Scan Baltic Express F (SBF1)
Scan Baltic Express F2 (SBF2)
Scan Baltic Express G1 (SBG1)
Scan Baltic Express G2 (SBG2)
Scan Baltic Express G3 (SBG3)


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