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Global Intermodal Network

OOCL is renowned for its pioneering approach to developing intermodal connections. All means of intermodal transport are carefully integrated with trunk ocean services to offer seamless connections across continents using feeder services, barges, trucks and block trains.


OOCL has been a leader in developing intermodal connections, especially in China. We were the first to offer dedicated intermodal train services from Zhengzhou to Hong Kong in 1994, and the first Reefer-on-Rail services to locations as far as Harbin in the north of China, to Cheungdu and Xi'an in the interior. In December 1998, we launched our Reefer-on Rail service from Xian to Qingdao; the first of its kind in China.  In May 1999, we launched another Reefer-on Rail from Chengdu to Shanghai.  In the near future more dedicated unit train and Reefer-on-Rail services will be added to this network.

The Yangtze River and Pearl River Delta are well catered to via intermodal barges, with 35 port connections; a dedicated feeder service calls at 13 ports along the northern, central and southern coasts of China.

OOCL covers nearly all existing niche ports in Japan via its hub in Kaohsiung. Dedicated services also connect emerging markets with the Singapore Hub and fast access to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia is available.


OOCL's pan-European network of intermodal connections covers 40 major ports throughout Europe. OOCL operates three separate dedicated Intra-European services connecting Western Europe with the Scan-Baltic (Finland, Poland, Russia) region and with Iberia (Spain, Portugal). These provide prompt connections with the deep-sea services to and from Asia and North America, as well as offering Intra-European services to help customers develop new markets.

In addition, a daily dedicated block train, the "OOCL Express" is operated in the UK between Southampton and Manchester which helps to provide a high quality and reliable inland transport. The use of barge and train connections is being developed via strategically-located inland hubs across Continental Europe. Finally, we serve the Eastern Mediterranean via Gioia Tauro with a network of feeder connections.

North America 

In the USA and Canada, rail dominates inter-modal transport. OOCL works in close partnership with all major rail service providers (BNSF, Norfolk Southern, CSX, Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, Union Pacific) providing one of the fastest and most reliable services into the heart of North America. Regular double-stack trains connect ports of the East and West coasts to major inland destinations and distribution centers.