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Reefer Service

OOCL’s dedicated reefer specialists, together with an extensive and young fleet of technologically advanced reefer containers, will ensure that your cargo is shipped under the most precise temperature control from origin to destination. Our unique technologies such as Advanced Fresh Air Management Plus (AFAM+) system and ultra-cool Magnum reefer containers preserve even the most delicate cargo in the perfect condition. Thanks to our extensive service network spanning the globe, we offer the most competitive transit times, wherever your cargo is destined.   

Perishable: Transporting Perishable Commodities
Exact temperature, humidity, atmosphere, stowing and compatible commodity mix are crucial to preserve the quality of your perishables during transit. Absolute freshness is enhanced by controlling these factors.

Expertise: Dedicated Reefer Specialists
Our dedicated reefer team, Central Reefer Unit, offers one-stop customer service from booking enquiry to technical support. Our highly trained technicians on board vessels and at terminals ensure your cargo is under close supervision and maximum security round the clock.  

OOCL’s Reefer Equipment: Designed for the Best
Each reefer at OOCL is manufactured to the best quality. To ensure our reefers can function perfectly even in extreme conditions, we commit to undergo stringent testing and extensive research on each reefer.

OOCL’s Unique Reefer Service: Customized Reefer Solution
Advanced Fresh Air Management Plus (AFAM+) and ultra-cool Magnum are just a few examples of OOCL’s advanced reefer services. Unique services such as Cold Treatment and Cold Chain Logistics can benefit your business through cost efficiency.

Service Network: Extensive Route Coverage
As well as direct services spanning all major ports in Asia, North America and Europe, our total intermodal services comprising feeder, rail, trucking, depot and warehouse operations allow transportation to the corners of the globe.