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Our Services > Vessels > M Class (13,208 TEUs) > OOCL Berlin
​OOCL Berlin

General Information
Port of Registry/Flag: Hong Kong, China
Official Number: HK-3715
Call Sign: VRLN5
IMO Number (Same as LR Code): 9622605
Class Society / Number: ABS / 13232732
Year Built: 2013
Dimension and Capacity
GRT: 141,003
NRT: 69,987
L.O.A. (meters): 366.469
L.B.P. (meters): 350.000
B. MLD (meters): 48.20
D. MLD (meters): 29.80
DWT (M/T): 144,142.70
DWT (L/T):
Summer Draft (meters): 15.528
Summer Displacement (M/T): 186,922.20
Highest Point from Base Line: 65.028 meters from B.L.
Light Weight (M/T): 42,779.50
TEUs: 13,208
ISM Information
ISM Classification Society: ABS
DOC Expiry Date: October 25, 2022​​​​
SMC Expiry Date: August 21, 2018
ISM Certificate:
ISPS Code Information
ISSC Expiry Date: August 21, 2018
ISSC Certificate: