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Customs Advance Manifest

September 06, 2011

EU Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is a voluntary program and is part of a series of EU initiatives aimed at improving the security of the international supply chain as well as facilitating trade for legitimate traders.

The AEO status can be obtained by any company which carries out activities covered by Customs legislation that forms part of the international supply chain. Applicants for the status will need to demonstrate Customs compliance, suitable accounting and logistical record keeping, proven financial solvency and adequate security and safety standards.

Certified companies will be recognized across all member states and depending on the certifications they obtain, AEO status entitles them access to Customs simplification procedures and other helpful trade facilitation services in Customs control and security.

There are three types of certificates available for application:

* Customs simplifications (AEOC) - AEOs are entitled to benefit from simplifications provided for under Customs rules.

* Security and Safety (AEOS) - AEOS can benefit from facilitation of Customs controls relating to security and safety at the entry of the goods into the EU or when goods leave the EU.

* Customs simplifications/security and safety (AEOF) - a combination of the first two, providing a full certificate.

Please click here for more details and guidelines on the website of The EUROPA - Taxation and Customs Union.

OOCL has successfully received a total of 11 AEO certificates:

AEOF Certificate - Belgium

AEOF Certificate - Denmark

AEOF Certificate - Finland

AEOF Certificate - Ireland

AEOF Certificate - Hong Kong (covering Germany, Netherlands and the UK)

AEOF Certificate - Spain

AEOF Certificate - Sweden

AEOF Certificate - Portugal

AEOS Certificate - France

AEOS Certificate - Italy

AEOS Certificate - Poland