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In keeping with our ongoing measures for environmentally-responsible standards, OOCL has extended its commitment to the "paperless office" by posting sales and information materials online in electronic form, reducing the demand for pulp and paper products and chemical inks.

Besides contributing to the preservation of our natural resources, these e-Brochures also offer the efficiency and convenience of downloading and printing - locally and internationally - straight from your desktop. Accessible anytime and anywhere, our e-Brochures keep you informed on our latest product and service information.

Please refer to OOCL's numerous product and service brochures here under.


Corporate Brochure

Project Cargo Brochure

Garmentainer Brochure

*updated on Apr 2017

*updated on Jul 2016

"The Perfect Climate"
Reefer Brochure

 Cold Chain Logistics Brochure

            MyOOCLReefer Brochure

Reefer Leaflet
"Be a cool........."

LCL Reefer Cargo Leaflet

English Version English Version (5960KB)


Service Leaflet

THX Leaflet

YSS Leaflet