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How to declare the VGM?

OOCL highly encourages shippers to declare VGM through efficient and convenient "eSubmission Channels". Should there be a need, OOCL can also cater for ‘Manual or paper document-based submission’ to meet certain customer requirements. We, however, DO NOT accept VGM declaration that are communicated to us by phone, voice mail or other verbal means.

eSubmission Channels (preferred options)

  • OOCL Web Portal – My OOCL Center (MOC)except document upload to Shipment Folder
    • Steps on VGM Declaration e-filing
    • Accept VGM Declaration in Batch
    • History Log to trace your past VGM Declaration
  • EDI (Type of Message : VERMAS, IFTMIN, or 304)
  • OOCL Mobile App - OOCL Lite
  • Other Web Portal Services (e.g. CargoSmart, GT Nexus)

For more detail, please refer our user guide (English link / Chinese link)

Manual or paper document-based submission

  • Document Uploaded to MOC Shipment Folder
  • E-mail or written request by OOCL’s standard form

Below are the mandatory information that must be provided in the VGM declaration:

  • Booking number
  • Container number
  • Verified Gross Mass (VGM) with unit
  • Signature of the shipper or authorized person
  • Additional information and/or documents required by relevant state authorities, if any


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