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Local Information > Local News > 2012 > Nhava Sheva Port Dockworkers Strike ..planned from 8th Oct 2012.. to Impact GTI Terminal
Local News

Strike Deferred till 22nd October 2012....

This is to inform you that the union leaders and political parties have threatened a total strike on the 8th Oct 2012 for all vessel's. The strike is against APMT for taking their leader ( senior politician septuagenarian Mr. D.B. PATIL) to the court.


This may affect the to and fro movement of containers affecting most probably all the three terminals of Nhava sheva ( NSICT/GTI/JNPT) and the  vessels arriving/berthing  of all lines.  


If this strike actually takes place then IEX SERVICE – Vsl MARE ATLANTICUM voy 2140 will be affected and there may be chances of shut out. As the above scenario is not under OOCL control, OOCL will not responsible for any charges incurred.


Kindly inform concerns & plan your shipments accordingly.


Shall keep you update on further developments.