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Local Information > Operational Restrictions
Operational Restrictions

Road Haulage - Maximum Cargo Weights

In Ireland the total gross vehicle weight (vehicle, chassis, container, genset and cargo combined) for road haulage must not exceed 44,000 kg (97,000 lb). Based on common equipment weight combinations, the recommended maximum cargo weights are:

  • Non heavy plated 20fts: 21,700 kg (47,840 lb)
  • Heavy Plated 20fts: 27,000 kg (59,524 lb)
  • 40fts: 25,500 kg (56,215 lb)

If you wish to transport cargo heavier than the recommended maximum cargo weight by road in Ireland please contact Dublin office with full details.

Out of Gauge Cargo

This may be handled using special equipment like Open Top or Flat containers. Accurate cargo dimensions and weights are needed to enable appropriate handling and pricing: please contact Dublin office with full specifications.


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