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Container Specifications

At OOCL, we take the transportation of your cargo personally and we offer customers a vast and modern fleet of containers. From straightforward dry boxes to garmentainers to state-of-the-art controlled atmosphere reefers, OOCL has the size and type of box to suit your needs. Our local offices are happy to advise you on which is the best container for your cargo.

OOCL's container fleet is one of the youngest in the industry and continually updated. Our comprehensive maintenance program ensures all containers are in prime condition, and meet or exceed international quality standards. Manufactured from corrosion resistant steel (corten), stainless steel or aluminium, OOCL containers are of the highest quality.

Please follow this link for enquiring the detailed container specification of a specific container within our fleet.

Container Stuffing

Correct container stuffing allows you to pack more in a container and transport your cargo more safely. OOCL can advise you on suitable procedures to ensure you choose the most effective stuffing method. More details below:

Give your cargo the best treatment, the OOCL treatment and ensure it arrives in perfect condition.


Please follow the below link for the detail weight of the GOH Bars.


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