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My OOCL Reefer

MyOOCLReefer (MOR)

The accuracy in the climate control process is very critical for a reefer shipment because it greatly contributes to maintaining the quality of the cargo.  It is especially important for perishable and pharmaceutical products which are very sensitive to any changes in temperature.  That is why customers turn to OOCL for our quality services in providing them with that extra cargo care and control over their shipment to make sure the cargo is at its best quality when it arrives at the destination.  OOCL’s online platform, called MyOOCLReefer (MOR), gives customers the end-to-end visibility on the temperature and relative humidity levels of their shipments.  Powered by CargoSmart, a sister company of OOCL, the MOR also leverages the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to offer proactive and advanced analytic capabilities to support corrective actions in case of any discrepancies in the reefer box settings.

Business benefits

  • Auto alert for temperature deviations
  • Anytime, anywhere data access via MOR once an empty container is picked up
  • Strengthened cargo security, prevent theft and tampering
  • 24/7 support team for immediate assistance

Key Features

Dashboard – Reefer in Transit

  • Overview of the latest reefer status
  • Customized alert settings for specific shipment monitoring needs.

Reefer Details

  • Booking and shipment details (e.g. shipment route, commodity, temperature setpoint)
  • Route map with container’s real-time location (both on land and at sea)
  • Reefer status (e.g. temperature readings, humidity, etc.)
  • Full end-to-end shipment data download

Smart Alerts and Notifications

  • AI-supported reefer alerts when attention is required for exception handling
  • Both customers and OOCL support team share the same visibility to the incident reports
  • All interactions with OOCL will be logged
  • Inland ETA prediction based on industry variables analyzed by Artificial Intelligence technology

Getting Started

To begin using MyOOCLReefer, you need to first register with OOCL to become a My OOCL Center user.

Please contact our customer service today!